The Best Manuel Antonio Resorts And Hotels

Why Manuel Antonio?


Right at the Central Pacific Conservation area on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, sits one of the most famous national parks in the world. Well known as Manuel Antonio or in Spanish Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, this small park is one of the best places you can enjoy birding and wildlife watching in Costa Rica. In fact, you might have heard it as one of the most biologically intense spots on the entire planet. The park has the most beautiful white sand beaches in Costa Rica, and it has the most impressive landscapes in the world. By know, you already know why it is a favorite spot for many tourists.

Types Of Accommodations In Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio can be considered as a gateway to the Costa Rica’s wild Pacific coast where nature rules and where tourism is still growing as compared to the Northern coast. Well, you will not find many booming resorts in Manuel Antonio as most of the hotels in this region are essential boutique hotels. The budget options range from moderate to luxury in an array of styles, and so, there is pretty much everything for everyone. Ideally, the hotels offer beauty and privacy, something that most people will consider.

Hotels in Manuel Antonio are mostly located off the road that connects Manuel Antonio to Quepos. Not many of the hotels in this region have direct access to the beach as building hotels along the coast is restricted. However, visitors can always use the hotel shuttles or public transportation to reach the national park and public beach. There are two of our recommended hotels, which I will mention below that have direct access to the beach, though, and so if you are a beach view lover, do not fret. As I said, there is something for everyone. And even though the rest do not have a beachfront, they make it up with breathtaking views on the cliff side, giving you views to spectacular sunsets, rocky coves, and breathtaking rainforest wildlife. Even though the views in Manuel Antonio are magnificent, it is not the only reason why tourists love this tropical paradise.

Quepos – A Beatiful Tourist Town


Quepos town is a stepping stone to the Manuel Antonio National Park, and it has an array of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. It might be a tourist spot, but it has all the features you would get in any part of Costa Rica.

Spacious Villas and Condos For Your Family


The spacious villas and condos offered by the top Manuel Antonio resorts are a great way to accommodate families or large groups without having to deal with smaller separate rooms. The Buena Vista Villas and Los Altos Resort & Spa are our favorite recommendations for those looking for luxury and spacious family friendly accommodation options in Manuel Antonio. And if you are staying with a group of family, there are lots of one day tours and activities to enjoy together, we recommend the famous whitewater rafting tours and kayaking in Damas Island tours… something to enjoy, especially in a large group of people.

Visit The Famous Manuel Antonio National Park


The Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most visited spots in Costa Rica, mainly due to its tropical forest, beautiful sandy beaches, and the magnificent wildlife in the park. There are numerous boutique hotels and relatively small hotels in the hilly landscape, and they cater to every kind of budget you may have. That said, here some of our favorite picks among the many hotels in Manuel Antonio.

Luxury Hotels And Resorts


For those who want luxury, upscale hotels and resorts are usually located high on the coastline of the central Pacific. This is with an aim of taking advantage of the splendid views of the National Park’s wildlife as well as the photo-perfect view of the Pacific ocean. Examples of beach resorts path will offer your great panoramic views of the Manuel Antonio include Buena Vista, The Preserve At Los Altos, Arenas del Mar and Parador. All of them offer state of the art amenities and luxury dining.

The Ultimate Jungle Experience Away From The Coast


If you want something on the jungle side, sort of nature experience, then Rafiki Safari Lodge can give you the ultimate jungle experience. The lodge is found 20 miles inland, away from the coastal towns, giving you a quiet nature environment that both couples and families will enjoy. The Rafiki Safari Lodge overlooks the emerald green pond and rests on the lush backdrop of the Los Quetzales National Park. The tents in this lodge give you protection and comfort while giving you a chance to connect with the jungle.

Maybe you might even like the idea of spending a night in an airplane that has been perched on a cliff overlooking the bay. Well, some hotels in Manuel Antonio will feature great vistas, an array of lodging units and the even the renowned vintage Boeing 747!

Below you will find our top 10 Manuel Antonio resorts and hotels:

Los Altos Resort


If you want to experience the ultimate luxury during your stay at Manuel Antonio then The Preserve At Los Altos is your best choice. Sitting on a 12-acre hilltop and overlooking the Manuel Antonio national park is a resort going by the name Los Altos. The resort features an exemplary design, bespoke amenities, excellent services and a remarkable natural environment. It is all about luxury and panoramic ocean and forest views with the Los Altos resort.

Hotel Si Como No


This hotel has a splendid design that combines elegance and environmentalism to give a remarkable touch of nature in harmony to the lush rainforest in Manuel Antonio

Gaia Hotel


The Gaia Hotel is found on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the 12 acres of paradise, a place close to the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Hotel Parador


The Parador Resort sits on 12 acres of rain forest above the coastline of the Pacific Ocean just a few minutes from the lovely beaches near Manuel Antonio.

Hotel Costa Verde


This is one, if not the nearest hotels to the national park. This means that visitors get easy access to the national park as well as the beautiful white sandy beaches in Manuel Antonio.

Arenas del Mar Hotel


This is, in fact, the first luxury hotel to be awarded the Five Sustainability Leaf Award in Costa Rica. Expect nothing short of luxury with this hotel.

The Falls Resort


This resort is situated in a very beautiful garden near a waterfall setting in Manuel Antonio. The resort also has quick access to the best beaches and restaurants in the area.

La Mansion Inn


The last but not least, of our favorites, is La Mansion Inn. If you wish to have a European flavor and hospitality in Manuel Antonio, then this is the place to be.

The Buena Vista Villas and Tulemar Bungalows


If you are traveling with a group or family and want a comfortable accommodation option during your stay at Manuel Antonio, then what better way to spend it than in a villa nestled in the rain forest and overlooking the spectacular coast of Manuel Antonio? The Buena Vista Villas and Tulemar Bungalows will offer exactly that.

There is pretty much everything for everyone in Manuel Antonio, and you cannot go wrong with any of the mentioned resorts and hotels.